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ressed female rose, hobbled ▓to a corner of the room, lighted a fire of▓ fagots, and squatted beside ●it.Though it was certainly midnight, we ga▓ve up all hope of expediting matters, and wai▓ted

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with set teeth.For a half-hour not▓ a word was spoken.Then the fema●le rose and strolled towards us, holding ou●t—four slices of toast! “If I’d known t●here was bread in this shack,” crie▓d James, as we

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snatched the s▓lices, “there’d have been damn little to●asting.” “I have worked for Europeans,” ●said the babu proudly, yet with a touch of s▓adness in his voice, “and I know they ca

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n●not eat the native bread, so▓ I have it prepared as sahibs eat it.” “We〃埊ve been eating native bread for ▓months,” mumbled James, “day●s anyway.You’re a bit crazy, I think.Go●t any rice” “There

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  • Nobis Business Card

    Grapic Design, Corporate

    is rice and fish,” sa●id the Burman, “but can you eat▓ that too” “Just watch▓ us,?/p>

  • Design Creates Culture

    Grapic Design, Web Design

    ?said James. The femal▓e brought a native supper, and we f▓ell to. “How wonderful!” m

  • Branding Cover

    Grapic Design, Branding

    urmu▓red the babu, “And you are sahibs!” When w●e acknowledged ourselves satisfie

  • Be Curious

    Grapic Design, Poster

    d, two● blankets were spread for us on th▓e floor, the chattering visitors filed ▓out into th

  • The Runway

    Web Design, Texture

    e night, and we stretched out side▓ by side to listen a few hours t▓o the croaking o

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f irrepressible lizards.● The following noonday fou●nd us miles distant.It was our second day w


itho▓ut a copper; yet the natives● received us as kindly as if we had been ●men of means.The proximity of Moulmein, where ▓sahib muscular effort might be▓ turned to account, filled us with new hope and▓ we splashed doggedly on. Villages there▓ were without number.Their taperi


n●g pagodas dominated the landscape.●On the east stretched the rugged moun●tain chain, so near now that we could ●make out plainly the little shrines far up on ●the summit of each conspicuous peak.Tropical ●showers burst upon us at frequent intervals, wil●d deluges of water from which w▓e occasionally found shelter under long-legge●d hovels.Even when we scrambled up the bamb▓oo ladders into the dwellings▓, the squatting family showed no● resentment at the intrusion; ofte▓n they gave us fruit, once they forc●ed upon us two native cigars.It was the▓se that made James forever after a st●out champion of the Burmese; for t●wo days had passe

Amet Parturient Cursus

d since we had shared our last ●smoke. 407Queer things are these Bu▓rmese cigars! They call them ▓“saybullies,” and they smoke t●hem in installments; for no man lives with ●the endurance necessary to consume a saybully● at one sitting.They are a foot long, as th●ick as the thumb of a windjamm▓er’s bo’s’n, rather cigarettes th●an cigars; for they are wrapped in a t▓hick, leathery paper that almost defie▓s destruction, even by fire.In the● country districts they serve as al●manacs.The peasant buys his cigar on mark●et day, puffs fiercely at it on the journey hom▓e, stows it away about his person when▓ he is satisfied, and pulls it out fr▓om time to time to smoke again.As ▓a result, one can easily determine ●the day of the week by noting the le▓ngth of the saybullies one encounters a●long the route. To determine the ing●redients that make up this Burmese co▓ncoction is not so simple a matt●er.Now and then, in the smoki

Magna Vulputate Adipiscing

ng●, one comes across pebbles and ▓fagots and a variety of foreign substances▓ which even a manufacturer of “two-fers” wou▓ld hesitate to use.But the comparison is

un▓just, for the saybully does contain tobacco▓, little wads of it, tucked away▓ among the rubbish. Men, women, and▓ children indulge in this form of the soothi●ng weed.As in Ceylon,

Nibh Consectetur Dolor

the females, and ofte▓n the males, wear heavy leaden washers in the●ir ears until the aperture is● stretched to the size of a rat hole.It is a wi●se custom.For, having no pockets, where coul▓d the Burmese matron find place for he●r half-smoked saybully were s▓he denied the privilege of thrusting● it through the lobe of her ear Dusk was fal●ling when we overtook a fellow pedestrian●; a Eurasian youth provided with an umbrella● and attended by a native servant boy.When● he had gasped his astonishment at meeting t●wo bedraggled sahibs in this st●range corner of the world and vo▓lunteered a detailed autobiography, I found t●ime to put a question over which I had been po▓ndering for some days. “As your mother is Bu●rmese,” I began, while we splashed

o●n into the night, “you spea●k that language, of course” “Oh! yes,” ▓answered the Eurasian, “eve●n better than English.” ●“Then you can tell us about thi▓s phrase we have heard so much.It’s ‘n▓melay-voo.’ Sounds like bum Frenc▓h, but I suppose it’s Burmese” ● “Oh! yes, that is Burmese.” “What● the deuce does it mean” ▓“I don’t know,” replied the you●th. “Eh! But it’s certainly a common expre●ssion.Every Burman 408we speak to s●houts ‘nmelay-voo

Dolor Vehicula Cras

.’ What are they trying t●o say” “I don’t know,●” repeated the half-breed.  癜Mighty funny, if you speak Bu●rmese, that you don’t understand ▓that!” “But I do understand it!〃埍 protested the youth. “Well, what is it● then” “I d

on’t know.I don’▓t understand.” “Say, what are you gi▓ving us” cried James.“Don’t you ev●er say ‘nmelay-voo’” “C●ertainly! Very often, every day, every ho▓ur!” “Well, what do you mean whe●n you say

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it” “I don’t understand.I▓ don’t know.” “Look here!” b▓ellowed the Australian, “Don’t▓ you go springing any stale ▓jokes on us.We’re not in a mood for

 癔em.” “Gentlemen,” gasped the● half-breed, with tears in his voice, “▓I do not joke and I am not joking.‘Nmelay-vo●o’ is a Burmese word which h▓as fo

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r meaning ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don●’t understand!’” It was black nigh●t when we stumbled down through the village ●of Martaban to the brink of the river of the sa▓me name, a swollen stream fully two mile●s wide where our day’s journey must▓ have ended, had we not fallen in with the Eu▓rasian.His home was in Moulmein, and, s▓ummoning a sampan,

  • objected the Bur●man.“White men cannot?/li>
  • ? “What you can e▓at, so can we,” I cried.
  • “Take the sui▓t and bring us s
  • omething.” “Oh! We cannot t▓ake payment,”
  • protested the babu.  癜Jumping Hottentots!”
  • screame●d James.“Take pay or don’t,● but stop
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